The Following are the best outer limits episodes of the original series as voted for by members of the Internet Movie Database. You may not agree with this list, but it has been decided democratically!:-


1. Demon with a Glass Hand

Alien invaders have come to conquer the Earth, but billions of people have strangely disappeared. The only man who can help is Trent, a man with a talking glass hand that directs him in his battle against the aliens. He must stop the invasion and also discover where all the humans have gone.

What they say: The best piece of 1960’s television ever seen. A compelling story with stunning twists and turns.


2. The Inheritors parts 1 & 2

Four men find that their minds have been expanded after an accident. It is believed that an alien force is at work.

What they say: Considered to be a bit sugary, with a message of hope for the helpless.


3. The Sixth Finger

The story is set in a Welsh mining village. A renegade scientist discovers a method for accelerating the speed of evolutionary change. A resentful miner agrees to be a guinea-pig in an experiment, and he soon begins to develop superior mental powers. He also grows a sixth finger on each hand, and his intellect threatens to grow ever more powerful.

What they say: Interesting episode. Strange depiction of a Welsh mining village.


4. A Feasibility Study

The inhabitants of the suburb of a city awake to discover that they have been relocated to another planet by an alien race. The aliens’ intention is to study the feasibility of using humans as slave labour. Will mankind’s resistance to being enslaved thwart the aliens’ plans?

What they say: Considered one of the best episodes of the series. A very human story.


5. The Forms of Things Unknown

A time-machine owned by an isolated scientist unwittingly brings a blackmailer back to life. Originally meant as the pilot episode for a different series. Later added to the outer limits series.

What they say: Strange camera angles, bizarre edits, make this a very avant-garde episode.