1. The Galaxy Being

Airdate: 16 September 1963

Radio engineer Allan Maxwell uses some of his radio station’s power to transmit signals to outer space. He decides to feed the signals he receives through a television circuit to construct a three-dimensional map of the radio waves. One day, he sees a strange humanoid image on his screen – an alien from the Andromeda galaxy.
Main Cast: Cliff Robertson, William O. Douglas, Jacqueline Scott

2. The Hundred Days of the Dragon

Airdate: 23 September 1963

Oriental scientists discover a formula that allows human skin to be reshaped into any form. The great leader decrees that the U.S president is to be assassinated and replaced by a changeling so that foreign policy can be controlled. After replacement, the president’s daughter notices that her father’s personality is not what it was.
Main Cast: Sydney Blackmer, Philip Pine

3. The architects of Fear

Airdate: 30 September 1963

In order to prevent a nuclear confrontation between the superpowers, a team of scientists try to unite them against a common enemy. They genetically transform one of their members into an alien organism and stage an invasion of the Earth.
Main Cast: Robert Culp, Geraldine Brooks

4. The Man With the Power

Airdate: 7 October 1963

College professor Harold Finley has an electronic device of his own making implanted into his brain. He finds that if he concentrates hard, he can focus electromagnetic energy fields to move large objects. Initially hoping to benefit mankind, he comes to realise that his subconscious mind is exerting a malevolent influence on those around him.
Main Cast: Donald Pleasance, Priscilla Morrill

5. The Sixth Finger

Airdate: 14 October 1963

The story is set in a Welsh mining village. A renegade scientist discovers a method for accelerating the speed of evolutionary change. A resentful miner agrees to be a guinea-pig in an experiment, and he soon begins to develop superior mental powers. He also grows a sixth finger on each hand, and his intellect threatens to grow ever more powerful.
Main Cast: David McCallum, Edward Mulhare

6. The Man Who Was Never Born

Airdate: 28 October 1963

After moving forward in time to see the Earth’s future, an astronaut finds it to be a ravaged shell destroyed by bio-warfare. He meets Andro, one of Earth’s few survivors. Andro returns back in time with the astronaut, but the astronaut mysteriously vanishes from the capsule. Andro decides that he must find the originator of the work that led to bio-warfare and stop him, even if it means that he has to kill him.
Main Cast: Martin Landau, Shirley Knight

7. O.B.I.T.

Airdate: 4 November 1963

Scientists at a Defense Department are scrutinised through O.B.I.T., the Outer Band Individuated Teletracer. It is a device which tunes into a body’s natural wavelength to produce a television picture. After a murder, the head of the department disappears. Byron Lomax is the only person left who can operate the machine, and strangely his is the only wavelength that O.B.I.T. cannot tune into.
Main Cast: Peter Breck, Jeff Corey

8. The Human Factor

Airdate: 4 November 1963

At a Greenland outpost, officer Major Brothers starts to lose touch with reality after one of his men falls to their death in an ice fissure. Haunted by the man, he decides that he must detonate a nuclear device to destroy the fissure. Doctor Merrill decides to use a mind probe to find out what is wrong with him. When an earthquake causes the probe to malfunction, the two mens’ minds are swapped, and Major Brothers becomes intent on destroying the entire base.
Main Cast: Harry Guardino, Joe DeSantis, Sally Kellerman