17. Don’t Open Till Doomsday

Airdate: 18 November 1963

A couple of newlyweds receive a strange boxlike object as a wedding gift. Forty years later, two eloping lovers arrive at the old house and find an old woman still mourning the loss of her husband. When the bride goes missing, her father comes looking for her. He discovers that to free his daughter he must help an alien who wishes to annihilate the universe.
Main Cast: Miriam Hopkins, Emmett Balfour, Russell Collins


Airdate: 27 January 1964

Entomologist Ben Fields has developed a machine which can communicate with bees. Looking for a laboratory assistant, he finds Regina, but unbeknown to him she is a queen bee in human form looking for a mate to prolong her species’ lifespan.
Main Cast: Philip Abbott, Marsha Hunt, Joanna Frank

19. The Invisibles

Airdate: 3 February 1964

Plannetta, Castle, and Spain, three of society’s outcasts, are taken to the headquarters of a shadowy organisation called the “invisibles”. The main purpose of the organisation is to infiltrate the top echelons of society by attaching strange crab creatures onto their backs and thereby taking over their minds. Each of the recruits has a target to infect. It transpires that Spain is actually a spy sent to penetrate the organisation. But the invisibles are on to him!
Main Cast: Don Gordon, George Macready, Dee Hartford

20. The Bellero Shield

Airdate: 10 February 1964

Scientist Richard Bellero is an experimenter with advanced laser technology. His laser beam shoots into space and “catches” an alien who eventually lands in Bellero’s laboratory. The alien demonstrates a unique defence system. He is able to closet himself in an impenetrable force field at the touch of a button. Richard Bellero’s wife, wishing to impress her husband’s rich industrialist father and owner of the Bellero corporation, kills the alien to steal his amazing device.
Main Cast: Martin Landau, Sally Kellerman, Neil Hamilton

21. The Children of Spider County

Airdate: 17 February 1964

Four young scientific prodigies vanish from spider county. It becomes apparent that they were all born in the same month, prematurely, and with the same middle name – Eros. The four young men were all the progeny of alien inhabitants of the Earth sent from the dying planet Eros. Their fathers have come to collect them after reaching maturity. One prodigy still remains, and he does not wish to return to his father.
Main Cast: Lee Kinsolving, Bennye Gatteys

22. Specimen: Unknown

Airdate: 24 February 1964

Some astronauts find a spore on a satellite. While they are bringing it back to Earth for study, it grows into a beautiful flower. It soon starts to proliferate rapidly, and they are faced with a huge jungle of white flowers. At a certain stage in their growth, the flowers emit a vapour which attacks the red corpuscles. Can the authorities risk the astronauts returning to Earth?
Main Cast: Stephen Mcnally, Richard Jaeckel, Gail Kobe

23. Second Chance

Airdate: 2 March 1964

An alien kidnaps a motley group of outcasts and wanderers to help stop an asteroid from colliding with his home planet.
Main Cast: Simon Oakland

24. Moonstone

Airdate: 9 March 1964

Researchers on a moonbase discover a mysterious spherical stone. The stone turns out to be an alien spacecraft containing some of the greatest minds from their planet. They had to desert their own planet because it had been taken over by a malevolent band of renegades who wished to conquer the whole galaxy. The renegades are giving chase in their own spacecraft. Can the humans risk being in the middle of such a confrontation?
Main Cast: Ruth Roman, Alex Nicol, Tim O’Connor