25. The Mutant

Airdate: 16 March 1964

A death occurs amongst a team of Earth scientists testing to see if an alien planet is inhabitable. Another astronaut is sent to investigate, and he finds that the people there are acting strangely, especially researcher Reese Fowler who wears goggles all the time.
Main Cast: Larry Pennell, Warren Oates

26. The Guests

Airdate: 23 March 1964

A drifter discovers a dying man at the side of the road. He seeks help at a house but finds its inhabitants unhelpful. When he tries to leave, he is forced upstairs by a strange compulsion. It becomes apparent that the house is the domain of an alien who is keeping the humans captive and suspended in time.
Main Cast: Geoffrey Horne

27. Fun and Games

Airdate: 30 March 1964

Two people emotionally scarred by life are offered the chance of redemption. They can save the Earth from a cataclysmic disaster if they provide entertainment for an extraterrestrial audience by battling with two primitive aliens.
Main Cast: Nick Adams, Nancy Malone

28. The Special One

Airdate: 6 April 1964

Kenny Benjamin is a gifted child who has been enlisted in a government enrichment program. Mr Zeno, who introduced himself as a member of the program, tutors Kenny in some special assignments. Does Mr. Zeno have some ulterior motive in channeling Kenny’s talents?
Main Cast: Richard Ney

29. A Feasibility Study

Airdate: 13 April 1964

The inhabitants of the suburb of a city awake to discover that they have been relocated to another planet by an alien race. The aliens’ intention is to study the feasibility of using humans as slave labour. Will mankind’s resistance to being enslaved thwart the aliens’ plans?
Main Cast: Sam Wanamaker

30. Production and Decay of Strange Particles

Airdate: 20 April 1964

At a nuclear laboratory, a team of physicists experiment with radioactive materials. They mix them with some matter obtained from space and unwittingly open a door to another dimension. It turns one technician into an alien being, and soon a chain reaction starts resulting in other technicians turning into energy beings. Can the chain reaction be halted?
Main Cast: George Macready, Rudy Solari

31. The Chameleon

Airdate: 27 April 1964

A flying saucer that has landed in a deserted area wipes out a patrol sent to investigate. One alien is recovered from the ship. The military, using genetic engineering, transform Louis Mace into a being similar to the one salvaged from the ship and send him to infiltrate the alien craft.
Main Cast: Robert Duvall

32. The Forms of Things Unknown

Airdate: 4 May 1964

Two women kill a ruthless blackmailer and seal him in the trunk of a car. They look for a place to bury him. They eventually take refuge from a storm in a house containing a blind man and a young inventor. The young inventor happens to have created a device that can tilt time and resurrect dead people. Events lead to the blackmailer coming back to life.
Main Cast: Vera Miles, David McCallum