1. Soldier

Airdate: 19 September 1964

Qarlo, a soldier of the future, is sent back in time. He has been bred to kill, but Tom Kagan tries to tame the soldier by bringing him to live with his family. Unfortunately, Qarlo’s mortal enemy has also travelled back in time and knows where Qarlo is.
Main Cast: Lloyd Nolan, Michael Ansara, Tim O’Connor

2. Cold Hand, Warm Heart

Airdate: 26 September 1964

Being the first man to land on Venus, astronaut Jeff Barton is given a hero’s welcome. Soon his body starts to change. His fingers become webbed and scales appear on his arms. What has Barton brought back with him?
Main Cast: William Shatner, Geraldine Brooks

3. Behold Eck!

Airdate: 3 October 1964

Trapped in our three-dimensional world, Eck, a two-dimensional alien, needs to correct his faulty vision so that he can locate a dimensional tear and escape from Earth. To do this he needs to obtain a certain meteoric quartz to fashion into a special set of “glasses”.
Main Cast: Peter Lind Hayes, Joan Freeman

4. Expanding Human

Airdate: 10 October 1964

Professor Roy Clinton starts to experiment with a mind-expanding drug. It gives him greater powers of awareness, intelligence and strength – but also a lust for murder!
Main Cast: James Doohan, Skip Homeier, Keith Andes

5. Demon With A Glass Hand

Airdate: 17 October 1964

Alien invaders have come to conquer the Earth, but billions of people have strangely disappeared. The only man who can help is Trent, a man with a talking glass hand that directs him in his battle against the aliens. He must stop the invasion and also discover where all the humans have gone.
Main Cast: Robert Culp

6. Cry Of Silence

Airdate: 24 October 1964

Andy Thorne and his wife take a drive to Wild Canyon. Once there, their visit turns into a horrendous nightmare. They meet crazed bullfrogs and tangle with malevolent tumbleweeds and flying boulders. It seems that an alien force is responsible.
Main Cast: Eddie Albert, June Havoc

7. The Invisible Enemy

Airdate: 31 October 1964

Two astronauts go missing after a successful mission to Mars. Another mission sets out to discover what has happened to the missing crewmen. They find wreckage of the first craft but no bodies. Soon, a member of the second crew is sucked mysteriously into the sand. A strange invisible enemy is suspected.
Main Cast: Adam West, Rudy Solari

8. Wolf 359

Airdate: 7 November 1964

Professor Jonathan Wragg creates a miniature planet. He introduces DNA into the mix, and evolutionary forces on the planet progress at an incredible rate. Evolution progresses past the present day and shows what lies in store for humankind. Pictures of the planet show that a grotesque and violent organism has developed!
Main Cast: Patrick O’Neal, Sara Shane