9. I, Robot

Airdate: 14 November 1964

Robot Adam Link is accused of killing the scientist who created him and condemned to be destroyed. Attorney Thurman Cutler has other ideas and believes that Adam should receive a fair court trial.
Main Cast: Leonard Nimoy, Howard da Silva

10. The Inheritors – Part 1

Airdate: 21 November 1964

Lieutenant Minns survives a head wound, only for scientific investigator Adam Ballard to find that the bullet is made from a strange meteoric ore. Genetic material has lodged in his skull to shoot his IQ to over 200. He finds that he has two brainwaves, his, and an alien’s.
Main Cast: Robert Duvall, Donald Harron, James Shigeta

11. The Inheritors – Part 2

Airdate: 28 November 1964

Ballard finds that four men have had their minds taken over by aliens. Can Ballard discover the aliens’ intentions before it is too late?
Main Cast: Robert Duvall, Donald Harron

12. Keeper Of The Purple Twilight

Airdate: 5 December 1964

Eric Plummer is close to creating a new weapon: the magnetic disintegrator. He is approached by an alien being, who offers his intelligence in exchange for the human’s emotions. After the exchange, Plummer becomes a cold, unemotional man, but armed with a deadly weapon!
Main Cast: Robert Webber

13. The Duplicate Man

Airdate: 19 December 1964

The Megasoid is a lethal alien being which is forbidden from the Earth. When it escapes, Henderson James, a space anthropologist, clones a copy of himself to track it down. The two identical men are soon not battling with the Megasoid but with each other!
Main Cast: Ron Randell, Constance Towers

14. Counterweight

Airdate: 26 December 1964

To prepare for a voyage to the planet Antheon, six astronauts must pass a series of harsh mental and physical tests. During the simulated mission, a strange shifting light appears and sets the members against each other. Is this just another test?
Main Cast: Michael Constantine, Jacqueline Scott

15. The Brain Of Colonel Barham

Airdate: 2
January 1965

Dying from Leukaemia, Colonel Alex Barham donates his brain to a computer that is part of a space exploration program. His living brain is put floating in a tank, thinking and communicating. It soon wants to control the world and will stop anyone who gets in its way.
Main Cast: Grant Williams, Elizabeth Perry, Anthony Eisley

16. The Premonition

Airdate: 9
January 1965

X-15 test pilot Jim Darcy crashes to find the Earth in a state of suspension. His wife is also alive, as she smashed her car when Jim broke the sound barrier. Everyone else is frozen. Their daughter is just about to be crushed by a truck. Can they cheat fate and prevent the death of their daughter?
Main Cast: Dewey Martin, Mary Murphy

17. The Probe

Airdate: 16
January 1965

A plane crashes into the eye of a hurricane. The crew members awaken to find themselves being held captive in antiseptic chambers, where they are prey to some strange mutant microbes. When communication fails, the three simply start to plead for mercy.
Main Cast: Mark Richman, Peggy Ann Garner, Ron Hayes